Publication / 12 October 2020

Construction project and local zoning plans

It is becoming more and more difficult for developers to find interesting real estate in large cities, and local plans tend to reduce the urban parameters in relation to those that can be obtained by means of a decision on development conditions. As part of project management, it should be remembered that the owner of an adjacent property may limit or completely exclude the possibility to develop the land plot. If the neighbor negotiations do not result in a compromise, an effective appeal against the building permit is the last moment to stop such unfavorable and illegal situation. Preparation of such an appeal, especially if the construction project is made by a professional and reputable design office, requires close cooperation between a lawyer and a designer, an unconventional look at the investment, sometimes also a local inspection.


Such work was done by the Real Estate&Construction team led by legal adviser Dominik Sypniewski, who "saved" the plot of land in Warsaw's Praga district from the practical end of the Client's project, which would have lost its economic raison d'?tre due to its obscuration and shading.

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