Publication / 19 August 2020

GGLegal is a responsible employer

COVID-19 has transformed the business of most of our clients. Over the last six months we have been supporting these changes, providing substantial advice on corporate restructuring projects, renegotiation of key contracts and recovery of trade receivables. It was a time of hard work and dozens of hours of teleconferences, while direct meetings disappeared in practice. Most of our Team worked remotely and reported their work results in this way. Paper correspondence was reduced to a minimum. These unprecedented experiences made us realize that our company must be permanently transformed, in accordance with its values. We introduced a fully flexible working model that includes, among other things, the advantage of remote work over in-office work, flexible working hours with control over work efficiency and quality. We also took care of technical solutions resulting in progressive digitalization of all documents and team communication.


When the coronavirus epidemic started, we took immediate action to optimize the costs of our operations and ensure the safety of our employees. We have moved our premises within the same building, which allowed us to use solutions such as hot-desks and create more space to promote team bonding. Cost optimization helped us to achieve our goals: maintaining employment, increasing work efficiency by investing in technological solutions and applying reasonable pricing policy.


As a result of our savings, we managed to successfully overcome this difficult period. We are proud of the fact that in the era of the epidemic, all salaries were paid on time, despite the increase in payment congestion. We have proved that the safety of our co-workers and their families is of the utmost importance to us.

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