We provide day-to-day legal services for enterprises that do not have their own legal department. The service is aimed at those entities that have day-to-day legal support needs, but have not decided to establish an in-house legal department. We are able to meet most of the company’s legal needs by delegating one of our lawyers for continuous cooperation. For matters beyond these competencies, we assist clients in sourcing a suitable external consulting service through a competitive tender process.

Depending on the client’s needs, day-to-day legal services may take the form of ad hoc legal assistance provided via electronic or telecommunications means or regular on-call services by an experienced lawyer at the client’s premises.

Outsourcing - obszary praktyki GGL


  • conducting a model of changes in the logistics service of a large paper company;
  • development and implementation of general terms and conditions of service with a bonus model (in cooperation with a reputable consulting company with regard to pricing and bonus algorithms) for a large manufacturing company in the FMCG (food production) sector;
  • legal advice in a project to change the client service model and order acceptance system (structure) of a large paper company.

Our services include, in particular:

  • managing external legal and consulting services on behalf of the company (tenders, monitoring the implementation of tasks, verification of worksheets);
  • remaining in constant communication with the company’s management and key personnel and providing day-to-day legal advice;
  • supporting departments generating a large number of inquiries/tasks on legal topics (sales, purchasing, accounting, marketing and human resources departments);
  • participating in trade negotiations;
  • drafting, analyzing and reviewing trade contracts and contract templates;
  • providing day-to-day corporate services to the company regarding ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings (AGM, EGM), management and supervisory board meetings.