Comprehensive support for developers and owners of buildings and premises in the process of commercialization in the primary market and the secondary market.

We have extensive experience in negotiating lease and rental agreements – both from the perspective of the owner and the user. We commercialize residential buildings, office buildings, warehouses, and we also support sales processes of development projects. We provide comprehensive services in negotiating legal and business terms of agreements, help manage relations with lessees, including termination of agreements, return of premises and recovery of receivables. We comprehensively support developers, from the creation and signing of reservation agreements to the creation and signing of the final sale agreement for the premises.

Komercjalizacja nieruchomosci - obszary praktyki GGL


  • commercialization of an A-class office building with a GLA of 15,000 m²;
  • preparation of a package for the developer including a reservation agreement template, a development prospectus and a development agreement template;
  • support for the lessee in negotiating a lease agreement for a 10,000 m² warehouse;
  • developing a strategy and negotiating with lessees to vacate the building to be replaced by a new development project;
  • commercialization of a B-class warehouse of approximately 8,000 m², development of an agreement template and support in the negotiation process;
  • representation of the shopping center owner in a dispute with the lessee over the amount of rent during the COVID-19 period.

Our services include, in particular:

  • drafting templates for reservation and development agreements;
  • providing day-to-day support in negotiating individual terms of development agreements;
  • drafting lease agreement templates for owners of office or warehouse buildings;
  • negotiating the legal and business terms of lease/rental agreements;
  • negotiating annexes to lease agreements in connection with the planned sale/refinancing of real estate;
  • verifying the performance of lessees (collateral, insurance, statements).