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Day-to-day legal assistance

Our law firm provides day-to-day legal services for various organisations including commercial law companies, entrepreneurs, foundations and associations.

Depending on the client?s requirements we provide day-to-day legal assistance in various forms, including provision of legal advice on an ad hoc basis by e-mail, fax or telephone, and regular duties of our employees at the client?s office.

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Our law firm provides the following services:

  • Commercial debt collection

  • Corporate services, including preparing draft resolutions for company bodies, draft agreements for individuals serving on such bodies and representation of companies in registry procedures

  • Preparing internal documentation of clients, including rules and regulations of their governing bodies, employee documentation, manuals and agreement templates

  • Correspondence over legal matters with state authorities and contractors on behalf of our clients

  • Preparing other legal opinions

  • Drafting and giving opinions on commercial agreements

  • Representing clients in commercial negotiations

  • Preparing due diligence reports regarding real estate and companies for the purposes of clients? investments

  • Providing clients with legal advice on their business operations

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