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Oil & Gas

GGLegal provides services for entities from the extractive industry, particularly in the area of oil and gas. The services include complex support of Clients at the stage of applying for the proper license, in accordance with the Geological and Mining Law, and future operation performed in the area covered by the license.

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Our law firm provides the following services:

  • Assistance in proper adjustment of the organization and capital structure of the Client to the legal requirements connected with entities which are willing to apply for the license

  • Legal advisory regarding the procedure of applying for the license

  • Legal advisory regarding the creation on mining consortia, particularly consortia based on Joint-Operating Agreements

  • On-going correspondence with the participants of investment process and public administration bodies

  • Participation in the process of agreement drafting and negotiations with the entities providing services for the operators, including the services regarding near-surface geophysics, drilling and waste treatment

  • Advising on drafting of internal documents by Clients, like HSE

  • Support in conducting dialogue with the representatives of environmental organisations and local communities

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