We comprehensively handle corporate matters of clients conducting business in the form of commercial companies (especially joint stock companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships).

We provide legal assistance at all stages of the operation of companies, from their formation, through their day-to-day operation, ownership transformations, to the termination of their operations, both through the sale of companies and liquidation.

Prawo korporacyjne - obszary praktyki GGL


  • comprehensive execution of a merger of companies in the TSL sector, taking into account the requirements of a capital group located in Hungary;
  • strategic counseling in conflicts between non-management shareholders of the company and shareholders also appointed to serve on the management board, along with representation in court proceedings;
  • change of liquidating officer and carrying out liquidation of the company;
  • strategic counseling for the company’s management board members in bankruptcy proceedings, together with representation in litigation initiated by the trustee against the management board members;
  • representation of the company in a dispute with shareholders and members of the management board, culminating in the acceptance of the company’s claims.

Our services include, in particular:

  • preparation, participation and service of shareholders’ meetings or general meetings of shareholders;
  • maintaining and creating documentation of the bodies of companies, including in particular the resolutions of the various bodies;
  • consulting in the area of formation, operation and relations of affiliated entities within capital groups (including shared services centers);
  • creation, merger, division and transformation of companies;
  • creation of internal corporate acts (e.g. policies, by-laws, codes of good practice);
  • liquidation of companies;
  • handling the acquisition or sale of shares;
  • handling the acquisition or sale of an organized part of an enterprise;