Support in planning, handling, conducting and coordinating the legal examination of a property. We conduct comprehensive research into the legal status of real estate – from gathering information found in public records and obtaining land and mortgage register records, to examining documents provided by the property owner, to handling Q&A. Depending on the project, we analyze the legal title to the property, planning and regulatory issues, lease or rental agreements, documentation copyrights, and pending litigation. The result of the examination is a report that includes an assessment of the materiality and likelihood of occurrence of certain types of legal risks and recommendations for reducing and minimizing the effects of their occurrence.
Due diligance nieruchomosci - obszary praktyki GGL


  • legal examination of a property developed with a commercial building for the purpose of implementing a completely new development project on the property – an office and commercial building;
  • legal examination of a planned retail park for the purpose of obtaining an investment and construction loan by the investor;
  • comprehensive legal support for the developer in the sale of an office building in terms of acquisition and collection of documents, including searching for archival documents, handling Q&A and removing or mitigating risks identified by the buyer;
  • legal examination of a property developed with old warehouse buildings, including coordination of the examination of the technical and commercial condition of the property;
  • legal examination of a land property for purchase to build a development of 10 single-family row houses;
  • legal examination of a commercialized office building of 2,000 m² GLA with an investment loan in terms of purchase and obtaining refinancing.

Our services include, in particular:

  • preparing examination questionnaires dedicated to individual real estate projects;
  • obtaining property information from public records;
  • managing Q&A sheets;
  • preparing red flag notices and due diligence reports;
  • providing recommendations for preventing and mitigating risks;