Support in administrative and judicial-administrative proceedings in the implementation of investments.

Gathering a set of permits, decisions, agreements and opinions necessary to start a construction project is a challenge for any investor. We support clients at various stages of administrative proceedings, especially in appeals, as well as in administrative court proceedings. In addition to typical litigation support, we assist in negotiating the business and legal terms of good neighbor agreements, which allows for saving time and faster completion of the investment. We represent investors, building owners, as well as owners of properties in the vicinity of which investments are planned or underway. We provide services to owners, managers and investors developing residential projects, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, industrial projects and RES installations.

Proces inwestycyjno-budowlany - obszary praktyki GGL


  • representation of the investor in appeal and administrative court proceedings related to the construction permit – preparation of responses to the objections of neighboring property owners and bringing the decision to a legally valid conclusion;
  • bringing, as part of the appeal process, the Local Government Collegium of Appeals (SKO) to issue a zoning approval;
  • conducting negotiations on behalf of the developer with the housing community, culminating in the signing of a good neighbor agreement and the withdrawal of a complaint to the Provincial Administrative Court (WSA);
  • representing a client in proceedings concerning the demolition of a commercial building and leading to the reversal of a decision ordering its demolition;
  • representing the property owner in the appeal proceedings and obtaining the revocation of the building permit issued in favor of the developer;
  • representing a client in administrative proceedings aimed at partial transfer of various decisions obtained in the investment process.

Our services include, in particular:

  • representing clients in proceedings before architectural and construction administration bodies;
  • representing clients in proceedings before construction supervision authorities;
  • representing clients in administrative proceedings in extraordinary modes;
  • preparing an analysis of regulatory risks in the investment and construction process;
  • drafting and negotiating good neighbor agreements.