We offer comprehensive legal services for investments in renewable energy sources, including in particular photovoltaic farms and biogas plants.

In this regard, we primarily provide services to investors at every stage of project development, from negotiating leases for infrastructure, obtaining connection conditions, the investment and construction process, to negotiating PPAs. Our team also handles transactions involving the sale of such investments to third parties in share-deal, asset-deal models or as the sale of an organized part of the enterprise or just the project itself.

Odnawialne źródła energii - obszary praktyki GGL


  • sale and purchase of photovoltaic farms from 1 to 10 MW at various stages of development;
  • sale and purchase of projects including only the lease, connection conditions and necessary administrative decisions;
  • handling the purchase of the biogas plant project with a general contracting agreement and an agreement for the operation and management of the biogas plant;
  • negotiation of a PPA covering the sale of guarantees of origin with annual volumes reaching 20 GWh and other agreements of this nature.

Our services include, in particular:

  • designing and implementing legal audits of investments at any stage of development including preparation of a due diligence report;
  • handling the processes of transferring administrative decisions related to the investment, such as building permits and zoning decisions, as well as handling the assignment of leases and connection agreements;
  • preparing and negotiating PPAs (power purchase agreements);
  • handling concession proceedings;
  • preparing all transaction documentation regarding the sale or purchase of RES investments;